Find a list of German plural nouns using our free online dictionary.

Having trouble finding German Plurals? You're not alone!

In English, it's easy: just add an 's' or 'es' most of the time.

But when you're learning the German language, there are complicated rules and even those don't cover everything.

The easiest way is to learn the plural form each time you learn a new German word.

If you're tired of looking up each new word in a dictionary to find the plural, then this site is just what you've been looking for.

Simply paste your list of German words into the box on the right and click on the GO! Button. We'll generate a list of up to 20 plurals for you.

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However, if you want to wrestle with the rules, they are outlined below. Once you have learned a few hundred plurals, knowing these plural rules can help you to get a feel for what the plural should be when you learn a new word. Until then, it's much easier to use the lookup tool above!

1. No change (almost!)

These are the easiest. Most of these words are either masculine (der) or neuter (das) and often end with el, -en, -er, -lein or chen.
For example: das mädchen. Plural: die mädchen.

Sometimes, though, you need to add an umlaut as well.
For example: der Garten. Plural: die Gärten.

2. Add an 's'

Usually these are words imported into German from other languages.
For example: das Auto. Plural: die Autos.

3. Add an 'e'

This includes most one syllable words.
For example: der Hund. Plural: die Hunde.

You may need to add an umlaut as well.
For example: das Haus. Plural: die Häuse.

4. Add 'er'

Most of these words are either masculine (der) or neuter (das)
For example: Das Kind. Plural: die Kinder.

You may need to add an umlaut.
For example: der Mann. Plural: die Männer.

5. Add 'n' or 'en'

These are mostly feminine words, and there are usually no umlauts to add.
For example: die Frau. Plural: die Frauen.

There are several slightly different versions of these rules, some more complex than others. To really get to grips with them, use the following links: German plural nouns
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